Task 3: Choose one of the following tasks

In the last part of the paper you have to choose between a comment as
signment (3.1) and a creative assignment (3.2) in which you are asked to 
imagine and write down the dreams of the thirteen-year old girl.

Task 3: comment

Wording of assignment: Comment on Oates’ poem as a statement on the 
American Dream (Evaluation: comment)

This assignment type is a lot like a discussion in that it is basically a critical 
comment in which your personal position is included. A comment is thus 
different from both the analysis and the summary in that you have to 
bring your own opinion in play.

Focus points in the comment

In this specific comment assignment you are asked to comment on 
Dreaming America as a statement on the American Dream. You have 
probably read some texts during the school year about the American 
Dream, so you are probably familiar with the following keywords and 

  • Freedom  
  • Equality 
  • The promise that everyone has a possibility of prosperity, success and happiness (cf. ‘The Land of Opportunities’) 
  • The promise that each individual is the master of his/ her own fate 
  • The opportunity to make individual choices. 

Connections to the American Dream

How is the American Dream even included in Dreaming America?  
We have listed some relevant aspects below.

Striving towards prosperity

The strive towards prosperity seems to be a relevant part of the American 
Dream with regard to Oates’ poem. The fact is that the described pro
cesses of civilization are, in every case, results of always wanting more – 
more highways, more restaurants, more gas stations, etc.  
This means that Oates ultimately holds the Amer...

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