Wimbledon Facharbeit

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Wimbledon Facharbeit

Dies ist eine Facharbeit in Englisch zum Thema "Wimbledon". In der Facharbeit wird es beschrieben, wie da Turnier entstanden ist, und welche wichtige Spiele da stattgefunden haben.


Historical overview
The improvement plan
Balls boys and ball girls
Tennisboom in Germany- Becker and Graf
The "Flying Deutschman" Boris Becker
Steffi Graf
The "Boom"
Federer vs. Nadal
The pinnacle of the rivalry between Federer and Nadal
The epic final 2008
My own opinion about this paper


Wimbledon is the most prestigious tennis tournament of the world. Why that is the case I will answer in this paper. Everybody who hears the word ‘Wimbledon’ associates tennis with it, even those who are not continually in contact with tennis.
Is that by chance? Definitely not! Every good tennis player who wins in Wimbledon becomes a real legend. But why is Wimbledon the tournament in which legends are born and not one of the other three Grand Slam tournaments?

To find out, let us see what makes Wimbledon unique. It is the oldest tournament in the world. No tournament has produced as many unforgettable moments as Wimbledon. It is the only tournament which is still played on the original surface, grass, which gave the game of lawn tennis its name... Kaufen Sie jetzt Zugang, um mehr zu lesen

Wimbledon Facharbeit

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