Twelve Nick McDonell Analyse

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Twelve Nick McDonell Analyse

Eine Analyse des Romans "Twelve" von Nick McDonell,indem das Thema "Popularity" behandelt wird. Als Einleitung wird auch die Handlung kurz zusammengefasst.


Twelve is a story about a bunch of young kids who live on the upper east-side of Manhattan.

White Mike, a private school dropout, sells drugs to the rich kids of New York. He, himself, has never done drugs, smoked nor drunk anything in his entire life, but he has no trouble with selling the drugs to others. He is however fascinated by the money that he makes by selling and dealing this deadly designer drug “Twelve”.

The young boys and girls in “Twelve” all come from families where the parents are absent... Kaufen Sie jetzt Zugang, um mehr zu lesen

Twelve Nick McDonell Analyse

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