"The Great Gatsby" Arm und Reich

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Analyse: "The Great Gatsby" Arm und Reich

Dies ist eine Analyse vom Roman "The Great Gatsby" von Francis Scott Fitzgerald. In der Analyse werden die Gegensätze zwischen Arm und Reich erläutert und analysiert unter dem Titel "The Rich and the Poor".


"The Great Gatsby is about The American Dream that cannot be fulfilled because of its illusory goals. Gatsby represents this dream as a whole, but instead of writing an essay about this dream, which numerous others have done, I will try to choose a social point of view. The relationship between the poor and the rich is a theme in “The Great Gatsby” which cannot be excluded. The connection between the rich and the poor can be seen as a source of energy which allows people to strive and dream for greater social standards..."... Kaufen Sie jetzt Zugang, um mehr zu lesen

"The Great Gatsby" Arm und Reich

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