My son the fanatic creative work

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Analyse: My son the fanatic creative work

Dies ist eine kreative Arbeit (creative work) über die Kurzgeschichte "My son the fanatic", in der eine Talk Show zum Thema "Fanatic vs. Western values" mit den Figuren aus der Kurzgeschichte beschrieben wird.


5 people discussing mainly about identity, integration, growing up, religion, respect, and fanaticism is what you were able to see last night at ,,Russel’s Talk Show’’.
Parvez, the father of the fanatic Ali loves his son and wants just to be respected by him, like Parvez respects all the peolpe around him. He is very tolerant and open minded, so he respects Ali´s religious attitude. But he wants Ali to notice how much he loves him and to honor how much he has done for him. But Ali hates Parvez for being integrated in western society and not following the rules of Islam. Pointing all this out, leads to the discussion of Ali, his father, Bettina, a prostitute, Rebecca, Ali’s exgirlfriend and Bashir Ahmed the uncle of Shehzad Tanweer... Kaufen Sie jetzt Zugang, um mehr zu lesen

My son the fanatic creative work

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