Legalization of drugs Argumentation Englisch

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Legalization of drugs Argumentation Englisch

Diese Englische Argumentation enthält Pro und Kontra Argumente zum Gebrauch von Marijuana und kommt zu dem Entschluss, dass sog. 'weiche' Drogen legalisiert werden sollten.

Hausaufgabe: Discuss whether drugs should be made legal.


Illegal drugs have a big influence in our lifes. They affect people whether they are consumers, drug dealers, victims of a drug-related crime, or if they have to deal with a friend or family member's addiction. However, prohibition is not the solution to the drug problem.

Most of those who favor the prohinition of drugs use three arguments to state their opinion.
The first is that because of drug legalization the number of drug users would increase.
Secondly, it would become easier for teens to buy drugs and the third point is that soft drugs like marijuana are „starter drugs“ – taking them would automatically lead to a consumption of hard drug such as heroine... Kaufen Sie jetzt Zugang, um mehr zu lesen

Legalization of drugs Argumentation Englisch

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