Essay - Moving out early

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Essay - Moving out early

Ein personales Essay zum Thema ob man früh ausziehen sollte oder nicht. Wenn du nicht weist, wie ein Essay aussehen soll dann liest das beiliegende Essay nach, und sicher wirst du dich eine allgemeine Idee formieren. Das Essay ''Moving out early'' debattiert das Subjekt, gibt drei Argumente warum bleiben mehr in dem Elterns Haus besser ist. Wurde von einem Schülern aus der 12 Klasse geschrieben.


Moving out early is a never stopping debate. Anybody has an own opinion for this debate, because anybody has left the home of his parents in former times. While arguments can be found to leave the parent's home early or staying long there, I will explain a few reasons, why I think it's good to stay longer at the family.

Firstly you have to do the housework completely for yourself. You have to wash the dishes, wash your clothes, have to cook etc. For this you need a lot of time, which you could spend in school, study or the whole career.

Another Argument is that early leaving of the parent's home may damage family ties. Some parents can be angry about this early leaving. Because they think it's much more important to concentrate on your career without having financial pressure. You won't see your family not as often as before leaving them. So the relationship can become less intensive than before... Kaufen Sie jetzt Zugang, um mehr zu lesen

Essay - Moving out early

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