Dead Poets Society Short Summary

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  • Gymnasium 11. Klasse
  • Englisch LK
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  • 3
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Zusammenfassung: Dead Poets Society Short Summary

Dies ist ein short summary des Filmes "Dead Poets Society".

Diese Fragen werden auch in der Arbeit beanwortet:
How does Keating's teaching affect the boys?
Is he to blame for Neil's death?


Driven by tradition, the school imposes teaching methods that are not only very strict and obsolete but also without attempt to encourage and motivate the boys to acquire knowledge.
The new English teacher, Mr. Keating, has his own teaching methods. In one of his first lesson, he makes the boys rip out the pages of their simplistic and rigid learning books, and adduces the argument that you cannot measure poetry as described in the books, it has to be experienced. He encourages them to seize the day and live in the present... Kaufen Sie jetzt Zugang, um mehr zu lesen

Dead Poets Society Short Summary

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