Americas role in terms of global leadership since 2001 - Argumentation

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Americas role in terms of global leadership since 2001 - Argumentation

Die Argumentation hat als Angabe: besprechen Sie die Rolle, die Amerika seit 2001 im Hinblick auf die globale Führungsrolle spielt. Ziehen Sie auch auf Ihr Wissen über historische Entwicklungen im 20. Jahrhundert. Seit dem Ende des zweiten Weltkriegs Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika hat als die neueste Form der Führung erschienen und wurde in Konflikt mit verschiedenen Arten von Nationen. Die Argumentation ''Americas role in terms of global leadership since 2001'' spricht weiter über dieses diskussionsreiches Thema.


Since the end of World War II, the United States of America has appeared as the newest form of leadership, and has been in conflict with different types of nations. Many do not contest the fact that America is a new form of leadership, but its actions and policy towards exercising world leadership are questioned and criticized.

The United States has played a leading role in transforming the international system. While working with like-minded nations, they created a safer and more stable world for the American people, their allies
and their partners around the globe than existed before World War II. Over the last decade, America has conducted extensive operations in Iraq and Afghanistan due to the 'war on terror' which was declared after the September 11, 2001 attack and allowed America to invade these countries, to bring stability to them and secure America's interests.
Also in the 20th century where three global wars were fought, America influenced the actions all around the world. For example it influenced the western European countries by the American Marshall Plan where those countries made a quick economic recovery and became major allies of the United States. When World War II ended in 1945, the United States and the Soviet Union appeared as the major world powers. In this time America also realized its worldwide "containment" policy against communism. So the U.S. had military and economic interests in every region of the globe and due to that they became the remaining global power.

Many people argue that America is the only superpower that has the ability to maintain peace and expand democracy.... Kaufen Sie jetzt Zugang, um mehr zu lesen

Americas role in terms of global leadership since 2001 - Argumentation

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