Aufsatz: Die Konsequenzen der Globalisierung

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Aufsatz: Die Konsequenzen der Globalisierung

Der Aufsatz diskutiert die Konsequenzen der Globalisierung, insbesondere Kinderarbeit in der Dritten Welt.


Globalization has many good sides, it increases trade and improves competition, but globalization also brings some bad things to the world. The increased pressure on the workers in the Third World, and through that also more child labour. So the question is, is the globalization bringing more bad things than good?
There is no doubt that the globalization is bringing a lot of good things to the world.

The globalization has a positive impact on the consumers. The quality of the product that the consumers are buying is increasing as the globalization gets more widespread. The weak companies, who do not have a good quality product, will be outperformed because of the increase in competition in world basis.

Previously companies could control a whole market or country, without having a product that was impressive because they controlled a large part of the market in their country. This means that companies have to provide the best, to survive on the market, otherwise they will see themselves being outperformed by a competitor... Kaufen Sie jetzt Zugang, um mehr zu lesen

Aufsatz: Die Konsequenzen der Globalisierung

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