Analysis of Sonnets

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Analyse: Analysis of Sonnets

Diese Arbeit analysiert Shakespeares "Sonett 18" und vergleicht es mit Judith Rodriguez' "In-flight Note".


The sonnet is about a “mousy” boy, who’s writing a letter to his ex-girlfriend. The poet, sitting right beside the mousy boy, examines his way of behavior and reflects on how their relationship was.

The rhyme-scheme is a turmoil (ABCCBD-EFGHIJKK ). There is no melodious pattern and no harmony. Neither does it match the rhythm of an iambic pentameter, so it’s definitely not a Shakespearean sonnet.

In the first line, the poet (perhaps Judith herself) watches as the boy writes “kitten” on his letter like a fictitious name for his ex-girlfriend . You can’t help but notice the paradoxical incident, that a “mousy” boy is writing a love letter to a kitten – a mouse’s worst enemy... Kaufen Sie jetzt Zugang, um mehr zu lesen

Analysis of Sonnets

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